Table of Contents

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Mapping as Thinking-Mediating-Making
Image or Representation  
Diagram, Image, or Map? 
Complexity and Legibility
Problems of Classification 
The Role of the Mapmaker 
Designer as Mapmaker 

01 | Maps as Objects of Explanation  

The Map as Artifact and Process 
Inter-subjectivity and the Relationship of Things or Ideas 
The ?Neutral Domain? in the Map

02 | Terms of the Map  

How Maps Communicate: Ordering, Reducing, Weighting  
Data Visualization, Mapping, Measuring  
General Determination of the Five Key Elements  
Projection and Scale 
Axis of Translation 
Functions: Time (and/or Movement) and Place

03 | Maps as Power, Identity and Utopia 

The Map as a Field of Forces: Maps and Representation 
Power and Identity 
New Geographies, New Territories 
Future Place(s)  

04 | Case Studies 

The Instrumentality of the Map in Design
Maps and Mapping as Hypothesis Making  
Working with Observation: Quantitative and Qualitative Data  
Case Study 1: Orthographic Projections and the Grid 
Case Study 2: Perceptual Analogues and the Axis of Translation 
Case Study 3: Thematic Mapping and Indexing
Case Study 4: Catalogs, Taxonomies, and Time
Case Study 5: Images of the City through Movement
Emanuel Ferro, Depth Interpolation, Florida International University, 2013